Cluedo - Midsomer Murders Board Game

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Who killed Elizabeth Jones? The body of wealthy businesswoman Elizabeth Jones has been found in Badger's Drift and the police suspect foul play. According to the rumour mill, Elizabeth had big plans for the village and had been spotted with property developers. Could someone from the village have the motive to stop her in her tracks? Can you help the Causton CID solve this baffling crime, by seeking out who did it? Where they did it. And with what weapon.

Contents include game board, 6 x coloured pawns, 6 x miniature weapons, 6 x suspect cards, 6 x weapon cards, 9 x location cards, case closed envelope, 2 x dice, 1 x pad of detective notebook sheets and rules.

A fun-filled family game for 2-6 players over the age of 8 years, perfect for game nights and murder mystery fans.

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