Doctor Who Tardis Umbrella

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The Doctor can go swanning off to Paris or Venice, Apalapucia or Raxacoricofallapatorius - but we have to stay here, waiting in the rain. Fortunately, Lovarzi's exclusive umbrella will keep us dry from any atmospheric disturbances.

Made from high-quality durable fibreglass, complete with a rubber-coated handle, the stick umbrella is decorated with the Doctor's iconic TARDIS. It's an instantly-recognisable design: simplistic but iconic. We're really glad the Doctor hasn't fixed that Chameleon Circuit.

Lovarzi's officially-licensed umbrella is a tribute to the time-space ship that's bigger on the inside. And with a 103 cm canopy that opens at the touch of a button, it's ideal for fans new and old... as well as their companions!

- Officially licensed by the BBC
- This Tardis Stick umbrella opens up to a 23" canopy
- High-quality durable fibreglass frame and shaft
- Comfortable rubber-coated handle
- Canopy Size: 103 Cms
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