Mary Poppins Umbrella with Parrot Head Handle

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‘Ello there, darling Mary Poppins fans. Do you feel that change in the wind? That means that something wonderful is about to blow into your lives, and we know just what it is! It may not have a firm-but-fantastic nanny attached to the end of it, but it’s practically perfect nonetheless. It’s this replica Mary Poppins umbrella with a parrot head handle!

This full-size umbrella is made in the pagoda style and would look right at home on the streets of Edwardian London. And, just so that everyone knows that you and Mary Poppins are the same height, it has your measurement description printed across two of its segments: Practically Perfect in Every Way! But, even without the famous words, everyone would still know that you’re rocking the Poppins style thanks to this umbrella’s beautifully-replicated parrot-head handle. (Don’t worry, it doesn’t bite or drop cheeky comments).

Don’t let the rain ruin your trips through pavement drawings…or just your commute. This Mary Poppins umbrella is exactly what you need to bring a spoon full of sugar to dreary days!

- A full-size replica of Mary Poppins’ famous umbrella
- Features the classic parrot-head handle
- Has Mary’s measurement: Practically Perfect in Every Way!
- Perfect for any Mary Poppins fan who wants to stay dry
- Doesn’t fly, but also doesn’t bite!
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